The goal of Shakti Wellness Center is to provide Holistic excellence in all our treatments.  Holistic means that we look at the bigger picture, and not just the smaller parts on their own.  In other words, we aim to restore not only physical balance, but also emotional and energetic wellbeing.


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We reserve our services to non-smokers and clients who are fully vaccinated against covid-19.
Exceptions are made for pre-natal massage with Ob-Gyn's clearance.
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Relaxing massage

• Swedish massage
• Hot stones
• Superficial myofascia release
• Lomi-lomi
• Esalen inspired techniques

Free bonus in all sessions
• Aromatherapy
• Hot towels
• Reiki & Chakra atunment

Tissue manipulation for pain release

• Deep myofascia release
• Deep tissue massage
• Sports massage
• Orthopedic massage
• Deep tissue
• Trigger point therapy, etc

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