Implement a yoga program in your workplace!

What is corporate yoga 

"Corporate yoga" also referred as "Yoga in the workplace" is a form of holistic wellness that makes yoga instruction accessible to employees in their workplace. 

The classes are led with expert instruction by a 500HR certified yoga teacher.  Each class is adapted to all body types, ages and skills, regardless of previous experience. 

Typically, each class is 60 minutes long and incorporates about 45mins of conscious movement with postures or "asanas" linked to the breath.  The second part fo the class incorporates breathing exercises or "pranayama" to conclude the class with guided  mindfulness or "meditation". 

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

The main goal of establishing a yoga program in the workplace is to enhance the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the staff while saving the corporation money when it comes to employee-related expenses.   Some additional benefits include:

  • Boost of company's morale and reducing absenteeism while improving communication skills among employees.
  • Reduce pain and aches associated with stress and/or as a result of long hours of desktop work.
  • Increased productivity and reduced "burn out rates".
  • Creates a more serene workplace, by reducing hostility and/or aggression that may arise during stressful work situations. 

Live on site instruction

 Classes are hosted in a designated area in your workplace.  The ideal space for a yoga class is an open room without any furniture.  

Beginners are encouraged to take breaks, adapt to their level and move at a slower pace for self-care.

The typical length of a yoga class is 60mins.  However, classes can be shorter or longer depending on goals, participation and company needs.


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