Studio is currently closed due to COVID-19. Scroll down for updates on potential re-opening

Unfortunately due to covid-19 we have no plans to re-open the studio in the near future.

We truly appreciate all the love and support received for the past 4 years.   If conditions improve to hold a safe practice in closed quarters, we will reconsider this decision and potential resuming of live classes.

In the meantime:

  • Consider to practice at home following our youTube content.  We are adding 2-3 new classes weekly.

Scroll down for a list of our group classes

The following classes can be attended with a PRE-PAID option.   All students must pre-egister, pre-pay in advance and arrive early to be admitted in class.  Please notice that due to COVID-19 we no longer handle cash at the studio.   Thank you for your understanding and your support to foster a safe practice.


604 Main St.,
Garland, TX 75040
Downtown Square



• Door opens 15min before class begins
• We allow 5min of grace before locking
• Door is locked while class is in progress
• We re-open after class concludes
• Our online yoga studio is open 24/7


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