Our goal is to share the ancient teachings of breath-centered Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra as a path to cultivate harmony of Body, Mind and Heart, while fostering a diverse and inclusive community of sincere seekers regardless of age, sexual orientation, skill level, ethnicity or body type.



New Schedule for 2023!

We don't' have fancy apps.

To sign up for class just call or text 469 223 6673. Must prepay to secure your spot.

Sing up closes 2hrs before class begins.

Payment is via zelle or venmo.

7.30AM Viniyoga

Level 1 ~ Beginner's friendly

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

60 min class

We focus on relieving pain and restoring range of motion, coordination, and balance, with gentle postures and smooth pace.

9AM Tantra Yoga

Level 2 ~ Advanced


75min class

A highly activating class with a challenging format.  The pace is guided by conscious breathing and chanting, followed by meditation.

6PM Vinyasa

Level 1.5 ~ Intermediate 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

60 min class

This is a more challenging format ideal for those who love moving while getting a nice sweat.

7.15 PM Restorative

Level 1 ~ Beginner's friendly

Tuesdays & Thursdays

50min class

A smooth and calming class with minimum effort.  The student gets assisted by props like blankets, pillows, etc.  

7.15PM Viniyoga

Level 1 ~ Beginner's friendly


50 min class

We focus on relieving pain and restoring range of motion, coordination and balance

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Make a pause and tune in with the higher dimensions of mindfulness.  Get FREE access to guided meditations with subtle binaural tones to increase your experience.  You can complement the meditations with full yoga classes available on demand thru the virtual membership.

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• Door opens 15min before class begins
• We allow 5min of grace before locking
• Door is locked while class is in progress
• We re-open after class conclude


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